Published on 2020-12-05 @ 06:34:00 AM

Token of support to a Sports event held at Uyirilai Center Mankulam to mark the International Disability People Day

Rotary Club of Colombo South is organised a sports event from 28th November to 3rd of December 2020 at Uyirilai Health Association Center, Mankulam.

Uyrilai association have two hundred and ten members in northern and eastern part of Sri Lanka who are spinal cord injured people during the civil war, they need medical attention and livelihood support. The purpose of this event to motivate them and give hope for them and their families for a better future, this event will bring the attention of the world on them

Tamil Engineers Foundation donated a sum of $1000 as a token of support to Rotary Club of Colombo South (SL) for this event recently.

Our thanks to Rtn. N.Saravanapavan of Rotary Club of Colombo South and Mr. Haran Ramachandran of Rotary Club of Kellyville (Sydney) for coordinating this event at Mankulam with keen interest.