Published on 2019-02-19 @ 12:54:00 PM

Scholarships to students at St John's Vocational Training Centre at Batticaloa

Tamil Engineers Foundation made a donation of Rs240,093 ($1859.00) to St John’s Vocational Training Centre at Batticaloa to provide scholarships (Rs4000 per month) to 10 needy students for a period of 6 months.
Ten students have been selected by the Training Centre Management, considering their family background & financial situation for the proposed Scholarship Scheme.
Some of the students have lost one or both parents and others are below the poverty line.

At the end of the six months, TEF will reassess the situation & decide whether to extend the payment for the second term to the same students (on the Job Training) or to a new batch of 10 students.

This training center is registered with TVEC of SL (Tertiary Vocational Training Commission) to provide vocational training courses for Computer Applications,
Tailoring, Automobile Technicians, Refrigeration and Air Conditioner Technicians, Electrical Wiring and Installations, Computer Hardware Technicians, and Printing Technology.

1. The Courses are for a 6 month period.

2. Six months on the job training (OJT) is also arranged by the Technical College after the initial 6 months training course is completed.

3. A Vocational Training Course certificate is issued at the end of the 12 month period, once the students have been assessed by the TVEC assessors.

The course fee is Rs 15,000 and the registration fee is Rs2000 i.e. in total Rs17, 000. Even though the training center has allowed a “pay-later before completing the course” scheme, there are some students who are from
vulnerable backgrounds and poverty, in which they find it difficult to pay the fees. The Training Centre management will deduct the course fee & registration fee (Rs17, 000) from the TEF Scholarship amount and give the balance to the selected 10 students, which will assist them in managing the traveling expenses etc.

The total cost of this scheme for 12 months period is Rs480,000 (Approximately $3750).

The committee thanks all the donors for their generous & kind hearted contributions towards this worthy project. Our special thanks go to Dr. R. Narendranathan and Mr. Gnanendran (E84) for their significant contributions for this project.

We are sure this Scholarship Scheme will encourage the deserving students to complete the vocational training course & find suitable employment.TEF will consider implementing a similar scholarship scheme to students at a Technical College in the North i.e. at Killinochchi or at Jaffna (Kokuvil) in due course. These Vocational Training Courses will provide a career path for the needy students who are unable to get University Admission to do the tertiary education.

We sincerely thank S.K.Xavier (E78) (Principal) for his keen interest in helping the needy and disadvantaged students in our homeland.

We are glad that TEF is able to help these students in this small way to enhance their livelihood.