Published on 2019-07-22 @ 05:47:00 PM

Revolving Loan Project implemented to establish livelihood income to 5 women headed families (widows) in Puthumurippu, Kilincochchi.

Tamil Engineers Foundation made a donation of Rs 150,000 as an interest-free loan to 5 widows (Rs 30,000 to each) from Puthumurippu, Kilinochchi to establish livelihood income-generating opportunities such as. textile sales, cultivation of groundnuts, carpentry, poultry, food preparation, etc.

The funds donated were recovered from the previous revolving loan projects were utilized towards this.

This project was implemented by the Hindu Council of Sri Lanka (HCSL). This loan will be recovered in a 12 month period and be given again to another 5 women headed families.

TEF has implemented more than 20 similar Revolving Loan Projects for the last 6 years and now they are providing the benefits to more than 240 women-headed families every year without any capital funding from TEF.

We thank Mr. V. Rajendra of Vice President of Hindu Council of Sri Lanka (HCSL) for his great service to the community.

We thank our donors who made this possible.