Published on 2020-10-25 @ 08:27:00 AM

Revolving Loan Project Implemented to establish livelihood income to 10 families from Madduvil South, Chavakacheri, Jaffna.

Tamil Engineers Foundation donated a sum of Rs 545,000 (Approx. $4150) for the implementation of a revolving loan project to provide interest free loan of Rs. 50,000 each to 10 needy families to establish livelihood income generating opportunities (i.e. farming activities, Sewing, Goat farming, corner shop etc)

A sum of $3600 was donated by E72 Batch members (residing around the globe) to TEF to implement this project in memory of their batch mate Late Eng. S’Mutthu Sivarasa who passed away in Sydney a few months ago. This project was implemented in Madduvil South, Chavakacheri, Jaffna from where Late Mr. S’Mutthu Sivarasa was originally from.

Mr. Sivarasa worked at RTA/RMS (Transport for NSW) for many years as Bridge Assets Manager and retired a few years ago. He was a regular donor to TEF Humanitarian activities & never missed our annual cultural programs. We are so pleased to see this project being implemented as a tribute to Late Mr. Sivarasa.

The committee thank and pass on our gratitude to the all the donors for their kind and generous contribution towards this worthy cause. Our special thanks to E72 batch members (globally) for their generous contributions.

This project has been implemented by CCYE (Centre for Child & Youth Empowerment) at Jaffna with the guidance of Sivan Arul Illam of Thiruketheswaram. This loan will be recovered after the 18-month term ends and will be disbursed to another 10 women headed families as an interest free loan preferably from Madduvil South, Jaffna.

ECF (TEF) has implemented more than 20 similar Revolving Loan Projects in the last 7 years and now they are providing the benefits to more than 250 women headed families every year without any capital funding from our charity.

The committee thank CCYE and Sivan Arul Illam of Thiruketheswaram (Dr. Jayamohan) for coordinating this project with keen interest. CCYE of Jaffna has taken proactive measures to identify the beneficiaries at Madduvil South for this scheme during COVID19 and their efforts are well appreciated. We are sure these types of Revolving Loan Projects will lift the standard of living and eradicate the poverty in our homeland.

We wish to thank Mr. Thanga Thangaratnam (E72) (Melbourne) for his keen interest in coordinating this project to pay his tribute to his friend & batch mate