Published on 2019-05-26 @ 07:24:00 AM

Tamil Engineers Foundation made a donation of Rs 368,000 (Approx. $3000) to CCYE (Centre for Child and Youth Empowerment) of Jaffna through Sivan Arul Illam (Dr. Jayamohan) in April 2018 to provide interest-free loans to 25 women headed families to provide them new bicycles for their children to facilitate their travel to school, tuition centers, etc.

This project was jointly funded by TEF & AMAF (Australian Medical Aid Foundation) from the funds raised at the Brisbane Fundraising Event which was held in 2017. The loan amounts were fully recovered in the last 12 months. The recovered funds from the previous batch of recipients are now used for the second time to provide a new set of bicycles to another 22 new children who come from families who lost their breadwinners. 

TEF has implemented more than 20 similar Revolving Loan Projects in the past 8 years and at present, it benefits more than 240 women headed families every year without any capital funding from TEF. A nominal amount of Rs20,000 to Rs 30,000 ($200 to $250) is paid by TEF as administration cost each time the loan is revolved, mostly on an annual basis. 

The committee thanks Dr Jayamohan (Sivan Arul Illam) & Ranjit (CCYE -Centre for Child & Youth Empowerment) of Jaffna for coordinating & implementing this project effectively with keen interest. CCYE’s efforts in prompt reporting & empowering the women headed families to get involved in the revolving loan schemes are greatly appreciated. 

We are sure this Revolving Loan Project will revolve many times in the coming years and provide great benefits to many women-headed families in our homeland. 

We sincerely thank our donors for continuously supporting TEF to help the people in need.