Published on 2019-07-07 @ 08:38:00 AM

Revolving Loan Project implemented in Batticaloa recently through Lions Club. 

Tamil Engineers Foundation provided Rs 245,000 (Approx. - $2000) to the Lions Club of Batticaloa to implement this Revolving Loan Project to help 10 deserving women-headed families in Batticaloa to establish a livelihood. 

Amounts of Rs20, 000 to Rs30, 000 per family were granted to10 families (Interest-free loans) so that they could embark on vegetable gardening, poultry, food business, corner shop, small business, etc. 

In order to provide them an opportunity to generate a fixed monthly income. This project was implemented through the Lions Club of Batticaloa. 

The loan will be recovered in a 12 month period and be given to another 10 deserving families as an interest-free loan for another fixed time frame. 

TEF has implemented close to 20 similar Revolving Loan Projects in the past 6 years and now they are benefitting to more than 240 women headed families every year without any capital funding. 

The committee thanks the donors for their generous contributions towards this worthy project, we also wish to thank Lions Club at Batticaloa and Kugathas (E80) (ACT) for implementing & coordinating this project with keen interest. 

We are sure this project will revolve many times in the coming years and will provide benefits to many women-headed families in our homeland.