Published on 2021-05-08 @ 09:33:00 PM

A sum of Rs 360,000 was provided as an interest free loan to 9 women headed families (Rs.40,000 to each family) to establish livelihood income generating opportunities (i.e. farming activities, Sewing, corner shop, Goat/Cow rearing etc.). The funds recovered from the previous revolving loan projects were used for this project. This report & photos clearly illustrates, how the families utilized the loan amount and benefited by this project. ECF started funding such projects since 2014 and now it has revolved 6 times and benefitted more than 50 families without any additional capital funding.

This project was implemented by CCYE (Centre for Child & Youth Empowerment) at Jaffna with the guidance of Sivan Arul Illam of Thiruketheswaram.

ECF has implemented more than 20 similar Revolving Loan Projects for the last 7 years and now they are providing the benefits to more than 250 women headed families every year without any capital funding from our charity.

The committee thank CCYE and Sivan Arul Illam of Thiruketheswaram (Dr. Jayamohan) for coordinating this project with keen interest. CCYE of Jaffna has taken proactive measures to monitor /implement this scheme during the COVID19 difficult period, their efforts are well appreciated. We are sure these types of Revolving Loan Projects will lift the standard of living and eradicate the poverty in our homeland.

We thank you all for your continuous support.