Published on 2020-04-02 @ 09:52:00 AM

Funding Proposal to donate essential Medical Instruments worth $58,860 (Rs. 7Million) to Cheddikulam Base Hospital

We are pleased to advise that a funding proposal to donate essential medical instruments to Cheddikulam Base Hospital to a value of AUD58,860.11 (Approx. Rs 7.0Million) has been approved by Rotary Club

Dr. Akilendran, Medical Superintendent of Cheddikulam Base Hospital made a request to TEF in April 2019 to procure a list of Medical Instruments. TEF took the initiative to seek the support from Rotary Club (Kellyville) and AMAF (Australian Medical Aid Foundation) to deliver essential medical items. After several meetings/negotiations and discussions with the Director of Health at Northern Provincial Council of SL for the last 11 months helped to overcome many hurdles to lift this project off the ground. We are glad that now Rotary Club has approved the project and allocated their share of $35,972.32. Our sincere thanks to Haran Ramachandran and his team at Rotary Foundation.

Refer below for the details of the proposed medical instruments to be procured using the funds

The Base Hospital at Cheddikulam provides medical services to approximately 80,000 people. The hospital has 14 doctors, 24 nurses, 12 paramedical staff and 63 health service assistants. The community that are served by this hospital is very poor and they rely solely on this hospital for all their medical treatment. Some of the IDP camps were located at Cheddikulam Area during the trouble times.

The above essential medical instruments will greatly improve the patient care of this community at Cheddikulam, which includes pregnant mothers who can get the regular Ultra Sound scans without the need to travel 60 km to Vavuniya hospital.

The committee thanks Haran Ramachandran of Rotary Club Kellyville and Dr. Manomohan of AMAF for their great cooperation & commitment to fund this project in collaboration with TEF. It is a great outcome.

Our humble request to various Old Boys & Old Girls Associations (OBAs & OGAs) in Sydney, Melbourne and in other states & overseas to consider donating $1000 or more as token support to partner with TEF to implement this worthy project to help the community of Cheddikulam, who have gone through many hardships during the trouble times

Since this project is of significant value, Rotary Foundations in Canada & Japan have come forward to help the Rotary Club (Kellyville & Colombo South) to implement this project. The community in our homeland will get the benefit of this great outcome.

Please advise if you wish to make a small contribution $50 or $100 towards this project.

As there are many young medical professionals in the recently formed “Youth Charity Network”, we will let them coordinate the implementation phase of this project with Rotary Club, so that they can understand how humanitarian projects can be implemented with the collaboration of like-minded organizations/ people.

We thank you all, with your relentless support, we could achieve many more projects to help the people in need.

"An effort made for the happiness of others lifts us above ourselves." - Mrs. Lydia Maria Child