Published on 2020-08-04 @ 10:12:00 PM

Donation to refurbish the Male Ward at Point Pedro Base Hospital

At the request of Dr. V. Kamala Nathan (Acting Superintendent) of Base Hospital Point Pedro, Tamil Engineers Foundation recently donated Rs 1 Million to assist with the refurbishment and extension of the male ward at the hospital.

This hospital is a central health facility covering a wide area of the northern part of Jaffna peninsula, traditionally known as Vadamaradchy and serving many surrounding suburbs. In a month this hospital provides treatment to approximately 12000 OPD patients, 2500 inward admissions and around 550 admissions for emergency treatment. For the last many years this hospital didn’t receive significant funding from the Govt for any refurbishment/upgrade works. Currently the hospital is undergoing a rapid refurbishment and some upgrades in facilities.

The total cost of the refurbishment & extension of the male ward is about Rs. 3.3 Million. Rs. 2.3 Million was committed by Hartley College 1980AL batch and Doctors from Jaffna University Medical Faculty. Tamil Engineers Foundation (TEF Vic Chapter) made the balance Rs. 1 Million donation (Approx. $8700.00) to make this project financially viable.

The management committee thanks and conveys on our gratitude to all the donors for their generous contributions towards this worthy project. The total amount received exceeded the required amount Rs 1.0 Million ($8700.00) and the balance amount will be donated to similar projects in due course. We thank TEF Vic Chapter and especially Raj Narayanan for their great work in securing the required funds & coordinating this project effectively. A job well done.

The committee thanks Mr. Vathanakumar (E84) of TEF SL Chapter who attended the Opening Ceremony at the Point Pedro Hospital as a representative of TEF

We thank you all for contributing towards this cause.