Published on 2019-05-11 @ 10:32:00 PM

Tamil Engineers Foundation made a donation of Rs 323,900.00 ($2550.00) to Hari Illam Orphanage at Batticaloa to arrange additional coaching classes in Maths, Science & English for grades 8 to 11 students. 

It is noted that many students from this Orphanage (16 in total) have obtained University Admissions and continuing their tertiary education at various Universities which is a great achievement. 

We are glad that many of you came forward to help and support these children who lost their parents in the troubles and sought refuge in orphanage centers for food & shelter. 

The committee thanks & pass on our gratitude to the above donors for their kind-hearted contributions towards this worthy project. Their support for these children is greatly appreciated. Our special thanks go to Dr. Narendranathan  & TEF Vic Chapter for their significant contributions. 

We are sure the above contributions will help the children in the orphanage in improving their education standard and lead the way for their tertiary education & find suitable employment. Supporting, helping the children in orphanages, improving their education standard & employment opportunities are the fundamental vision of TEF when it was established a decade ago. 

We are glad & overwhelmed to see that our original vision is being implemented over the years with the support & passion of many of our members. 

We thank Kugathas (E80) (Canberra) for coordinating this project with great interest.