Tamil Engineers Foundation History

Tamil Engineers Foundation (Engineers Charity Fund) was formed in later part of 2007 to collectively participate spiritually and morally for the long lasting peace at our home land. This is a non political, non profit and charity focused organisation and committed to help the needy and disadvantaged people.

Our Vision

The establishment and development of "Engineers Charity Fund" as a global caring charity organisation to help the needy and affected people in North and East of Sri Lanka and people living in similar circumstances in other countries.

Our Mission

To provide financial and moral support to help the needy school / university children, orphanage centres, hospitals and other charity organisations in North and east of Sri-Lanka while maintaining strong links with other charity organisations locally and internationally to achieve our vision.

Our Goals

  • Foster and maintain fellowship amongst the Engineers working in Australia and Overseas.
  • Provide financial and material assistance to Tamils living in the North and East and other parts of Sri Lanka.
  • Provide humanitarian assistance to orphanage centres, refugees, war victims and their families living in the North and East and other parts of Sri Lanka.
  • Maintain links with other Engineering Organisations/Associations or similar Associations in Australia and overseas to share and undertake co - ordinated development projects in the North and East and other parts of Sri Lanka.
  • Raise funds through donations from its members and well-wishers, organising concerts and cultural functions, and other activities for the purpose of meeting the stated aims and objectives.
  • Assist engineers migrating to Australia to find a suitable job by assisting them with the preparation of an application.
  • Develop "Engineering Charity Fund" as a global charity organisation to represent Engineers locally and internationally and undertake humanitarian projects to help the needy and disadvantaged people.

Our Values

  • Respect, care and help each other.
  • Maintain honesty, integrity and excellence.
  • Provide moral and financial support to needy and disadvantaged people.
  • Inspiring a legacy of social awareness and compassion.

Latest News/Projects

Enthira Maalai 2022

Published on 2022-09-11 @ 07:32:00 PM

The event coordination & arrangements are being undertaken by E79 batch Engineers & their family and friends. Our special thanks go to them. Date & Time: Saturday 19 November 2022 at 6.30pm Venue: C3 Church Hall, 108 Silverwater Road, Silverwater NSW. This will be an evening of entertainment of Music Program of live band and songs by Sydney’s popular artistes, Bollywood dances & Comedy Drama to raise funds for child sponsorships, to support orphanage centres, livelihood & women empowerment projects and many other humanitarian efforts by ECF in our home land. You can become a Sponsor by donating $250, $500 or $1000. Sponsors details will be listed in the Magazine as Sponsors of this event. Also the sponsors will receive a complement family ticket ($100) for the event or half page Ad in the Magazine. Tickets are priced as follows Family - $100 Single - $50 Read more...

Revolving Loan Project initiated to provide livelihood income to 8 women headed families in Thondamanaru, Jaffna

Published on 2022-09-11 @ 07:35:00 AM

A sum of Rs. 400,000 was provided as no interest loan to 8 women headed families (Rs. 50,000 per family) to establish livelihood income generating opportunities i.e. farming activities, tailoring, Corner shop, Goat/Cow rearing etc. The fund recovered from the previous revolving loan project was used for this project. This project was initially implemented in 2021 for 8 families and funds were fully recovered. The recovered funds are used for the 2nd batch of 8 families. Read more...

Donation of Projector, Screen & PC to a Remote School at Batticaloa

Published on 2022-09-11 @ 07:11:00 AM

Engineers Charity Fund donated a sum of $1250 (Rs 307,480.00) to Unnichchai 6th Mile Post GTMS School at Batticaloa towards the purchase of a projector, screen and a PC to enhance the education standard of the children. This project was implemented by ECF Victorian Chapter. The committee thanks and pass on our sincere gratitude to the donors for their kind hearted and generous contributions towards this project. Our special thanks to ECF Vic Committee Member Mr. Rahavan Thangaturai for making significant contribution towards this and for coordinating this project with keen interest. Read more...

Quiz Competition in Maths and Science at Kilinochi funded by Tamil Engineers Foundation (Engineers Charity Fund)

Published on 2018-04-01 @ 08:41:00 PM

A TEF funded Maths & Science Quiz Competition was conducted by the staff & student union of Engineering Faculty at Kilinochchi during the Eng. week in early 2018.Read more...

Thai Pongal Villa at Sydney Murugan Temple - 2018 - Tamil Engineers Foundation (Engineers Charity Fund)

Published on 2018-01-22 @ 09:37:00 AM

We are glad that many of you participated in the Thai Pongal Day activities at Sydney Murugan Temple on 14th Jan (Sunday). The activities i.e. bajan, lunch and evening prasatham progressed very well and was well coordinated. The lunch (Rice with 5 Vegetable Curries, Pappadam & Payasam) was served to approximately 1750 devotees and the evening prasatham ( Kadalai ) was also served to many devotees.It was indeed a great accomplishment.Read more...

Tamil Engineers Foundation (Engineers Charity Fund) - Provision of Clothing to 50 Children at 3 Orphanages at Trincomalee

Published on 2017-12-14 @ 09:15:00 AM

Tamil Engineers Foundation provided Rs 213,000.00 ($2000.00) to "Livelihood Trincomalee" to distribute new clothes to 50 children from the following three orphanages in Trincomalee area.Read more...