Published on 2019-04-13 @ 10:23:00 AM

Donation of an Electricity Generator to Enter World Foundation, Kanagarayankulam, Vavuniya. 

Many war affected people (many of them are partially paralyzed & wheelchair bound) are being housed at “Enter World” and provided accommodation, medical needs, food, etc. There are about 12 or more patients at this center. These affected people need continuous electricity for the function of Medical equipment, Air Mattresses for medical reasons, cooling fan, water supply, etc. The electricity supply in SL, mainly in North & East are frequently getting disrupted due to repairs/upgrades, to supply them with uninterrupted power, “Enter World” made a request to donate them a backup Generator. 

Enter World made the funding request through E90 batch representatives. TEF had discussions with Enter World & E90 batch in regard to the proposed generator capacity (KVA)/phase/cost etc. Assessment of the required KVA capacity and comparison of quotes were undertaken. We are glad to inform that now the project has been completed and a 7.5KVA, Single Phase, Diesel Generator has been supplied, installed & commissioned recently. The total cost is Rs1,211,030.00 ( Approx. - $10k), refer attached the quote from HAYLES ENGINEERING PTY LTD. Amount of Rs70,000 has been added to Hayles’s quote for the concrete pad & shelter for the Generator. 

The following organizations came forward to jointly fund this project and make it financially viable: · 

Tamil Engineers Foundation – Rs 491,030.00 ( $4000.00) ·

 E90 Batch – Rs400,000.00 ($ 3333.33) · 

IMHO(USA) – Rs320,000.00 ( $2,666.67) · 

Total amount – Rs1,211,030 ( $10,000) 

The committee sincerely thanks and conveys our gratitude to the above donors for their generous contributions & timely support for this worthy project. 

Our special thanks go to Dr. Thileepan Narendranathan & TEF Vic Chapter for their significant contributions to this project. Many of our members worked behind the scenes to get this project off the ground. 

We wish to thank E90 batch representatives Ravi Shankar, Senthil Kumaran & Baskaran (Sydney) and Srithar (Adelaide) for their keen interest and hard work in raising a significant contributions from E90 batch for this project.

We thank Ambihaipalan (E86) for his great effort in securing generous funding from IMHO (USA) and also we wisht to thank Brabaharan (E86) (Chief Engineer at CEB at SL), K. V. Ananthan (E86) (Sydney), Nageswaran (E80) (Sydney), Haritharan (Senior Lecturer at International Engineering College at Colombo) and many others who worked behind the scene to facilitate this project. 

This project was jointly funded by Tamil Engineers Foundation, E90 batch graduates from the University of Peradeniya and MHO USA. 

We thank Ravishankar (E90) for undertaking the project implementation & completing the task with keen interest. Also, we thank S. Kannan (E90) who attended the handing over ceremony on the 23rd of March & organised the photos. 

We are sure the back-up Generator will provide great benefits & reliable electricity supply to the war affected wheel chair patients at Enter World for many years to come. 

Thank you all