Published on 2019-06-02 @ 10:21:00 PM

Donation of $1500.00 to provide rice and dhal to Elders Day Care Centre in Karainagar for the next 18 months

In late 2017, TEF provided funding ($1500) to the Elders Day Care Centre in Karainagar to provide lunch on a daily basis to about 30 elderly & differently abled people in Karainagar Area for the last 19 months which came to an end in May 2019 TEF has decided to continue this good deed by providing funding of $1500 for another 18 month period.

Arrangements have been made with Sri Rangan Enterprise in Jaffna to deliver rice & dhal worth Rs.10k to the Elders daycare center on a monthly basis for the next 18 months. 

The committee thanks & pass on our gratitude to all the donors for their generous & kind hearted contributions towards this worthy cause. 

We are glad that we have received overwhelming support from our members and received $2000 for this worthy project. The remaining $500 also will be donated to this project shortly to help the elderly people in Karainagar area. 

We thank Mahadeva (E80) (Sydney) for coordinating this project & arranging through his sister to handover the monthly Rice & Dhal to the Elders Day Care Centre. 

We also thank the Elders Day Care Centre at Karainagar for their great service in providing lunch to the elders in that area on a daily basis.