Published on 2021-06-22 @ 10:08:00 PM

COVID19 Support – Donation of LKR 1.5Million ($10,150) to purchase Medical Instruments for Tellippalai Base Hospital and Mullaitivu District General Hospital

Due to the current worsening COVID19 pandemic situation (3rd wave) in Sri Lanka, most of the hospitals are struggling with the high number of patients getting admitted and trying to set up separate COVID19 Units/wards to deal the situation, refer attached funding requests from Mullaitivu & Tellippalai Hospitals. These hospitals are struggling with lack of COVID19 medical instruments.

ECF Qld Chapter initiated a fundraising effort among their friends & families and raised a significant amount of $10,150.00 (Rs 1.5M) recently towards this noble cause.

The funds have been disbursed to the Medical Professionals from Tellippalai and Mullaitivu Hospitals to purchase Emergency Medical Instruments to help & support the COVID19 patients admitted at these hospitals.

The details of funds donated to the Hospitals:

a.Tellippalai Hospital – LKR 1.0Million ($6750.00)

b.Mullaitivu Hospital – LKR 0.5Million ( $3350.00)

c.Total Amount – LKR 1.5Million

ECF sincerely thanks all the donors for their generous & kind hearted donations towards this worthy cause. Most of the donors are young graduates we are glad that they have stepped up when the COVID19 situation turned to worse in our homeland.

A.Arrangements have been made to purchase the following medical instruments for the Mullaitivu Hospital – LKR 0.5Million.

1 Nos. Multipara Monitor (LKR 275000/Unit) – LKR 275000

1 Nos. Medicine Trolley (LKR 38000/Unit) – LKR 38000

10Nos. Saline Stands (LKR 8500/Unit) – LKR 85000

2 Nos. Water Filters (LKR 49999/Unit) – LKR 99998

TOTAL – LKR 497998

B.Tellippalai Hospital will decide the list of medical instruments to be purchased shortly for a sum of LKR 1 Million.

The details and photos will be circulated in due course.

The committee thanks the young graduates for their great initiative in raising a significant amount to help the COVID19 patients in our homeland. Their efforts are well appreciated.

We are sure these donations will enhance the patient care and help the COVID19 patients at these Hospitals.