Published on 2020-02-09 @ 07:09:00 AM

Over the past couple of months, we have been witnessing the unprecedented catastrophic bushfires affecting significant parts of NSW, Victoria, ACT and SA.

It is with regret that we note many firefighters have lost their lives and have been injured during their great community service. Many residents of the affected communities have lost their homes and belongings. Our sincere tributes, thoughts and prayers go to the affected families and friends during this difficult time.

We are glad that the recent rain has eased the situation & brought normalcy to some parts of the affected area.

We, Engineers Charity Fund (Tamil Engineers Foundation) recognized our moral responsibility to act and help our fellow Australians during this challenging time. Tamil Engineers Foundation has facilitated a total amount of $15,000 to RFS NSW, State Govt of Victoria and CFS of South Australia as detailed below.

  • 1)Donation to RFS NSW- $4000 – TEF NSW Chapter

A cheque for the sum of $4000 was handed over to the NSW RFS Deputy Commissioner during 1st week of Jan 2020 at their head office at Sydney Olympic Park, as a token support to show our gratitude to the Volunteer Fire Fighters for their great service in protecting the community during this crucial time.

Also please note that this funding was announced at the Sydney Murugan Function on the 2nd Jan 2020.

We have received few more donations after the announcement which totaled $4700, the balance $700 has been donated towards TEF Vic Bushfire Appeal.

  • 2)Donation to Victorian State Govt - $4000 – TEF Vic Chapter + Hartley College PPA Victoria

Amount of $4000 was donated to Lily D'Ambrosio, Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change in the Victorian State Government on 1st Feb 2020.

  • 3)Donation to Country Fire Authority (CFS) South Australia - $3200 – TEF SA Chapter

Amount of $3200 was handed over to the CFS (Country Fire Service) Foundation South Australia on Friday 31 Jan 2020.

  • 4)Donation to RFS NSW - $3800 – TSCA (ACT) + TEF NSW Chapter

Tamil Senior Citizen Association of Canberra (TSCA) contributed of $3370 to TEF towards helping the Volunteer Fire Fighters, their families and the affected community.

Amount of $3800.00 was donated to RFS NSW on Tuesday 4 Feb 2020 at their head office at Olympic Park, Sydney

Also please access the following web link of an interview with the RFS NSW staff:

The committee thanks and pass on our gratitude to all the Donors for their kindhearted generous contributions towards this worthy cause to help the volunteer fire fighters, their families and the affected community. We are glad to note that many of you from various states came forward to help our fellow Australians during this difficult time.

Our Special thanks to Raj Narayanan for handing over the $1000.00 raised by Hartley College PPA Melbourne and also to TSCA (ACT) members for their generous donation of $3370 to TEF towards this worthy cause.

Tamil Engineers Foundation has facilitated a total donation of $15,000 to recent bushfire crises at various states. It is a great outcome.

Thank you all for your great support.