Published on 2021-07-03 @ 07:01:00 PM

“Engineers Charity Fund” recently donated a sum of $4000 in total towards providing dry rations to people who have lost livelihoods due to COVID shutdowns as well as support the patients admitted to Batticaloa Hospital. The projects were undertaken by LIFT NGO and Batticaloa Civil Society

Emergency relief measures (dry rations) to the affected families at Batticaloa – LIFT NGO - $2000

Support to the COVID19 patients admitted at Batticaloa Hospital – Batticaloa Civil Society - $2000

Total amount - $4000

Due to the rapid spread of Coronavirus in Sri Lanka during this third wave, many areas are under lockdown for more than two weeks and it is further extended in some areas. This created a great need to ensure the food security of families living on daily earnings. There are many families of low socio economic level are severely affected and expecting dry ration assistance from government, NGOs, charities and individual well-wishers.

LIFT NGO has provided dry rations for the families under quarantine in Kaluwanchikudy division of Batticaloa.

A total of 200 packs (each worth 1,500/-) were distributed. Out of 200, 190 are from ECF and 10 are from LIFT's contribution.

The committee pass on our sincere thanks & gratitude to our donors for their generous & kind hearted donations towards this worthy cause. We have received overwhelming support from our members/well-wishers and their help during this difficult period is greatly appreciated.

The committee thank LIFT NGO for implementing this project at short notice with great passion. The photos & the implementation report of funding provided to “Batticaloa Civil Society” will be circulated in due course.