Published on 2020-02-02 @ 09:16:00 PM

Tamil Engineers Foundation donated a sum of Rs295,245 (Approx. $2435) to construct a new elevated water tank, pump, pipework etc. at the “Swami Vipulananda Children Home at Batticaloa”.

There are 43 children being sheltered at this Orphanage. Most of them are from the families who have been affected by the recent ethnic conflict, natural disaster, family breakdown and sought refuge in the Orphanage for food and shelter. The funding request was to replace the corroded Iron water tank stand with concrete stand, relevant plumbing works and buying a new water pump as the current condition of the assets passed its lifetime.

The committee thanks & pass on our gratitude to the above donors for their generous contributions to this worthy project.

This project was implemented by “LIFT – Local Initiatives for Tomorrow” a Batticaloa based NGO. We thank Ms. Janu (General Secretary) of LIFT for her great work in completing the work in time and organizing an event to hand over the newly constructed assets to “Swami Vipulananda Children Home”.

We are sure this project will benefit the children at this Orphanage for many years to come.